Make $Dough$ with our Dough!

Sell delicious pastries

Keep your profits

Perfect for schools, clubs, churches and more!

Kansas Maid Fundraising Company

Fundraising should be fun. And it’s easy when you’re selling fresh from scratch pastries, just the way they should be made, with 100% real butter. When you partner with Kansas Maid, fundraising is a breeze!

Our process is simple:

  1. We provide your group with color sales brochures
  2. Have your group contact family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to make sales
  3. Your customers will pay your group and pick out delicious, homemade pastries from our brochure
  4. Once your orders are completed, contact your designated sales rep
  5. Receive your orders within 2-3 weeks, pay us at the time of delivery, and keep your profits!
At Kansas Maid, our goal is to help you reach YOUR goal. Your group keeps up to 50% of sales! 
  • NO contracts to sign. We trust you!
  • NO money up front – pay us when your products are delivered
  • Up to 50% profit per item
  • Build huge profits
  • Easy to sell pastry items
  • All products made fresh from scratch with the finest ingredients


Need Money for a School, Church, Club or Organization?