Our Story

In 1993, our family opened a pastry shop as a franchise of Country MaidTM, producing frozen loaves of sweet treats that the customer could bake up fresh and enjoy warm from the oven in their own home. With rolling pins and pizza cutters, we shaped each Butter Braid® loaf by hand.

In 1999, we began marketing our products as a fundraiser, allowing us to deliver directly to our customers and help them successfully reach their financial goals.

In 2008 our franchise contract with County MaidTM dissolved and we became an independent business. After one year of “non-compete” production, we were again able to make and market the braided pastry everyone loves using the original recipe but with a new name Kansas Maid® pastries.

We’ve expanded our inventory to include cinnamon rolls and caramel sticky buns as well as the original braids.

We remain a family owned and operated company that is committed to “helping others help themselves achieve their goals”.